Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to taking care of the whole family.

Studio 64 adopts a family first approach placing importance on the wellness, care and happiness of the whole family. In addition to providing an exceptional education and care facility for children, we assist families to balance their work and early learning needs by offering serviced offices and other parent convenience offerings – all under the one roof. An example of this is the unparalleled opportunity for a mother to continue to feed her baby whilst making the smooth transition back to work.

Our foundation relies on the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standards and the Early Childhood Australia – Code of Ethics, so that equity, inclusion and diversity underpin our daily practices. This begins from the moment the child and family attend our Stay and Play Orientation program and we explore the unique needs of each family. We value the importance of this first meeting and shared decision making as it is the foundation of future success for each family and child as they begin to develop a sense of belonging and security.

Ongoing scientific research proves that the first five years of a child’s life are critical in brain development. By providing rich learning experiences in a safe and nurturing environment each child develops a strong foundation of future learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities.

The development of the brain is use dependent. This means that it requires particular experiences and stimulation to form connections which correspond to specific skills/functions. Play is the basis of this stimulation and is the focus of our curriculum

This objective is achieved in our Centre by allowing the excitement of learning to develop by providing an interesting, stimulating and innovative environment that allows each child the freedom of choice and develops their curiosity. Learning through play helps each child master and repeat important skills in an unstructured manner. Our children area also introduced to sequential and structured learning within the core learning areas of Early Literacy and Language, Early Numeracy, Practical Life Skills, Music and Creative Expression, Sensorial exploration, Science, Physical Development and Emotional and Social Development.

Our Centre
• Acknowledges the need to assist busy parents balance their work and childcare commitments by creating a work and care environment that sit alongside each other.
• Recognises the fundamental importance of the first five years of a child’s life as highly formative and the foundation that shapes all future learning and development.
• Has spacious free flow areas allow the children to have the space to express themselves creatively and develop their fundamental movement skills.
• Has facilities and Equipment are extensively audited, maintained and monitored regularly to adhere to the Education and Care Services Law and National Regulations.
• Owner/operator and Business Manager are onsite regularly to ensure the Centre Manager is supported in providing continuity of service to all families.
• Recognises that our communities are very important influencing factors for our children, and that diversity and multiculturalism are strengths and add to the unique qualities of our society.
• Is passionate about the holistic health and wellness of children and implements this through healthy nutrition & physical movement, and robust hygiene, safety, illness awareness & prevention.

Our children
• Are individuals that are unique and deserve respect and love and we supplement their emotional and social development by listening to them and their parents when making decisions that affect their learning and daily experiences.
• Are assisted to foster their independence and self-regulation by introducing opportunities to make their own choices, attempt tasks themselves and take on increasing responsibilities.
• Curiosity and wonder is enhanced by the prepared environment and the daily program that introduces ways for each child to experiment, explore and take calculated risks.
• Are encouraged and supported to have meaningful and reciprocal relationships between themselves and their peers, educators, families and communities.

Our educators
• Value the importance of a child’s first five years, we ensure that our educators fully understand that the skills that are developed during this time greatly influence success in later life.
• Understand the brain has critical and sensitive periods when particular experiences are necessary to stimulate development of specific brain functions. Many of these experiences occur through children’s relationships with their families and significant caregivers. This means that a positive educator/child relationship is essential for children’s learning and development.
• Are carefully selected and have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. We adhere to strict and appropriate staffing levels for excellent supervision and provision of quality care.
Establish smooth, consistent yet flexible routines and transitions to ensure each child’s wellbeing and sense of agency is met.
• Will undertake personal and professional learning and reflective practice on a regular basis to improve their own practise and the curriculum they offer.
• Communicate effectively with their peers, management, families and communities to promote the children’s best interests.
• Are kind, nurturing and methodical during the care and education of the children in their care.
• Are very proud of their cultural backgrounds and understand that multiculturalism is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Our Curriculum
• Provides large periods of unstructured play and periods of intentional teaching within our carefully selected learning areas for optimal learning success.
• Identifies, documents and reflects on each child’s interests, ideas, goals and needs.
• Includes the design and planning of learning experiences to further extend each child’s interests, ideas, goals and needs.
• Implements, assesses and further evaluates teaching and learning therefore completing the full circle of the Early Years Learning Framework cycle.
• Carefully monitors each child’s developmental milestones so that we can plan for meeting the milestones accordingly and make ongoing progress towards the learning outcomes that need to be reached in intentional and meaningful ways.